What’s Going on This Week? (March 18th)

Hello all!

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I know I definitely loved this weather and I’m so very happy that spring seems to finally be on its way.

I have been working on grading the Animal Farm tests and you should get them back no later than Tuesday. I am also working on grading the figurative language quizzes and you should get those back on Tuesday as well. 

This week we are going to be focused 110% on paper writing. You will be writing an essay over Animal Farm; the topic is pretty open-ended and one that you should have no trouble finding supportive evidence for. This essay is going to focus on how language is used by Squealer and the rest of the pigs to manipulate the animals on the farm into doing exactly what they want.

Unsure of how to write a paper? No problem! We’re going to be doing little workshops every day this week to help you out. Each day we’ll look at a different element of paper writing.

Monday we’re going to be looking at a short quotation from Fredrick Douglass and relating his words to Animal Farm. Consider this a little bit like verbal paper writing, since we’re going to be using evidence from Douglass’ words and Animal Farm in order to make these comparisons. We’re also going to be talking about different ways to integrate quotations in  your papers and you’ll get the chance to start brainstorming for your essay. 

Tuesday we’ll focus on how to write a body paragraph. Body paragraphs are the main heart of your paper. This will be where you put your quotations and supporting evidence. 

Wednesday we’ll be looking at introductions and conclusions. If your paper was a sandwich, the introduction and conclusion would be the pieces of bread that hold everything together. Your introduction will also contain your thesis. Not sure how to write a thesis? No problem! We’ll talk about that too!

Thursday and Friday you will be working on your papers in class. Mr. Woodall, Mrs. Thrash and myself will be there to help you with any questions that you might have.

Your papers will be due Monday March 25.

At the beginning of class, we will still be having D.E.A.R. time. Do not forget to bring your books and reading logs. If you have already finished one book, you need to find another to read. You must be reading during D.E.A.R. time. Don’t forget! Your D.E.A.R. projects ill be due March 29. I can’t wait to see everyone’s project!

Looks like another busy week! This will be our final Animal Farm project and next week we’ll move onto Romeo and Juliet. It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks!

See you Monday,

Miss Pace


About japace9

I am an English education major at Kennesaw State University and love reading, writing and watching movies. My favorite books include "The Lovely Bones," "Atonement," "Looking for Alaska," and "The Wives of Bath" and my favorite movies are "The Lion King," "Moulin Rouge!" and "Almost Famous."
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