What’s Going on This Week?

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had a great, restful, eventful, exciting (whatever adjective you want to pick) Spring Break! I definitely did and I am definitely looking forward to being back in the classroom and picking up where we left off with Romeo and Juliet.

This week we’re going to continue working on vocab and will be looking at unit 8. There will be a regular quiz on Friday, so you can all rest easy. No more writing stories or sentences…for now.

We’ll also be looking at apostrophes and how to properly use them in our writing. Apostrophes can definitely be confusing, like most parts about English grammar, so we’ll be doing a lot of practice with them this week.

On Monday we’re going to finish watching the first act of Romeo and Juliet so we can refresh our memories on what’s happened so far. We’ll then look at the prologue for Act Two and start with Scene One in Act Two.

Tuesday we’ll keep reading Romeo and Juliet and will get to one of the most famous scenes in the entire play: the balcony scene. This is a crucial moment in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship and I’m going to let you guys put your own spin on things by working with a partner to put their declarations of love into your own words.

And then on Wednesday we’re going to look at a variety of different film clips that feature this famous scene. Like I said the Friday before we left for spring break: film is just as much a text as the actual written word, so we’re going to get some practice in discussing movies the way that we discuss books. I’ve picked a lot of great Romeo and Juliet (and R&J inspired) balcony scenes for us to look at.

Thursday we’ll keep reading Romeo and Juliet (Scene Two, Act Three) and then we’ll look at some figurative language in the play. Metaphors, similes, personification…all those things can be tricky to recognize and understand. That’s why we’re going to keep practicing!

And on Friday, you’ll have a vocab quiz over unit eight and then another short quiz over apostrophes. Once you finish those quizzes, we’ll keep on keeping on with Romeo and Juliet. We’ll see what those crazy kids get themselves into next!

I think it’s going to be another great week and I look forward to seeing all of you rested, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Monday morning!

-Miss Pace


About japace9

I am an English education major at Kennesaw State University and love reading, writing and watching movies. My favorite books include "The Lovely Bones," "Atonement," "Looking for Alaska," and "The Wives of Bath" and my favorite movies are "The Lion King," "Moulin Rouge!" and "Almost Famous."
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