Pop Culture Romeo and Juliet


Here is where I want you to post your pop culture findings. Leave a comment below with your name and be sure to answer the following questions:

1) The name of the book/movie/TV show/song etc. that you have found your Romeo and Juliet reference in.

2) How do you know this is a Romeo and Juliet reference? Make sure that you are more detailed than “this is a love story” or “they love each other but their parents don’t want them to be together.” That is a common plot point in a lot of love stories, so make sure there is something more there that connects this particular movie, book, show or song to Romeo and Juliet. Consider the follow questions: what are the characters’ names? Where is the story set? Are there other characters in the story that match other characters from Romeo and Juliet? Are there other references in this story (song, show etc.) that connect to Romeo and Juliet? Is there any dialogue here that I recognize from Romeo and Juliet? These questions will help you make connections to Romeo and Juliet.

3) Why did the author of this work (or musician, screenwriter etc.) decide to make a reference to Romeo and Juliet? What are they trying to say? Why would this connection resonate with audiences? What assumptions is the author making about the audience’s understanding of Romeo and Juliet?

4) Do you think this clip/song/film/show/references was effective?

Feel free to add anything else that is relevant to Romeo and Juliet! I am very interested in hearing your thoughts!

Be sure to include a link to the clip if you can find it on Youtube so that I can watch as well!

-Miss Pace


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